Upcoming Events


Monday 4pm, Powder Puff Football and BBQ on the Quad

Tuesday 4pm, Discombobulation Scavenger Hunt, Starts on the Quad

Wednesday 9pm, Jim Wand, the Hypnotist, Field House

Thursday 9 pm, Dance Off, Main Café

Friday 8 pm, Mr. Regis and Fireworks, in the Fieldhouse

Saturday 11am, RANGER DAY “Las Vegas,” on the Quad

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Welcome (or Welcome Back) Regis! 

I hope you had an awesome summer - it was freakishly busy around
here.  Well here it is, the first events e-mail of a fantastic new
school year.  We’ve got a lot going on so let’s get to it.

As you read this, this is Welcome Week:
Sunday, August 26th: BBQ and the smooth sound of Souled on the Beach.
at 5pm. Brought to you by RUSGA (who will be doing most of the

Monday, August 27th: Jammin on the Quad with John Rush “The Human
I-Pod”.  Upperclassmen will remember him from Ranger Week - the dude
knows every popular song from the last 30 years (though he may beg
off “Call Me Maybe” unless he’s in a van).  Bon Appetit is moving
dinner out to the quad - so it’ll cost you a swipe to eat but nothing
to listen to the music.  5pm on the Student Center patio.  Brought to
you by the recently exhausted staff of the Office of Student

Tuesday, August 28th will be forever be known as “Epic Tuesday”.
It’s a BATTLESHIP tourney.  Liam Niesen will not be there - but under
the lights you will find a 25 x 50 foot pool on the beach.  In it 4
canoes will be waiting for 4 teams of 4 to climb into the tank and
vie with each other to establish navel supremacy.  The goal - to be
the last canoe floating.  Head to the beach around 5pm and wait for
the tourney to begin at 6pm.  KRCX will be bringing the music.  To
sign up, bring your complete team of 4 to the Fitness Center on
Monday between 9am and 5pm and Tuesday until 12 noon.  As you might
imagine spots in the tourney will be limited - and will fill on a
first come/first serve basis.  Brought to you by the NEW Office of
Wellness and Recreation.

Wednesday, August 29th: “Uminapalooza” Putt Putt Golf and a Photo
Booth on the Quad from 5pm to 9pm.  Sponsored by University Ministry.
Music Department Open House featuring the band “Joe Alan” at 8pm in
Walkers Pub.  Free Pizza.

Thursday, August 30th: Mad Chad the Chainsaw Juggler.  Thursday
Thrills, Student Center Patio, 9pm.  The guy juggles chainsaws,
really.  Admit it, your morbid curiosity is going to compel you to
go.  Brought to you by the RUSGA Programming and Activities

Friday, August 31st: Free Friday movie.  (Friend RUConnected to see
what the movie is and where to get tickets.)  Rockies vs Padres at
Coors Field.  We’ll have 20 something tickets to Friday’s game - go
with the group and catch the RTD bus down to Coors Field.  (Friend
RUConnected for more details on how to sign up to go.)

Okay, so that’s Welcome Week.  Now if you’re a returning student
you’re probably wondering what’s new this fall.  Turns out there’s a
bunch of new stuff:

First off there’s a new department on campus called Wellness and
Recreation.  We took the Outdoor Adventure Program, the Club Sports
teams, Intramurals, the bike program, informal recreation and the
Fitness Center slammed them together and now we have this fantastic
new resource on campus.  Right now they’re in the same suite at
Disability Services - on the left just before you go into the Fitness
Center.  (Okay, they’ll always be there - but Disability Services
will be moving in the Spring.)

Next we have an expanded Bookstore in the Student Center.  It has a
built in coffee bar that looks a lot like the coffee bar that used to
be next to the Mountain View Room.  (With good reason as that’s where
it came from.)

Speaking of the Mountain View Room.  The old Mountain View Room is
now a brand spanking new Food Court - to replace the function of the
old Ranger Grille.  It’s pretty cool so you should check it out.  It
opens on Monday morning at 7pm.

As luck might have it there’s a new Mountain View Room - just opened
this past June.  It’s a fantastic new space that we’re going to be
doing some Thursday Thrills in this year and where the Ramblers
Musical is going to be.  A quick aside - right next to it is a giant
hole where a new 200 seat Recital Hall will be taking shape this

When you take a trip out to the Beach you’re going to notice that the
Pharmacy Program modulars have been relocated there - while the new
addition to the backside of Claver Hall is being built.

Finally, they have made a lot of progress on Clark Hall - the giant
new building by entrance number 1.  That building is slated to open
in January and (in addition to administrative offices for the College
of Professional Studies) will include a Learning Commons, Disability
Services, and seminar classes for you all.

Well there you have it.  Though this has been incredibly interesting
reading I know that the ONLY reason you’re still scrolling down is
for your weekly Chuck fix.  So here it is:

“Chuck Norris uses a stunt double, for crying scenes.”

Have an awesome first week of school!

In His Service and Yours,
Dave Law
Director of Student Activities



Dear Incoming Freshman,


Welcome to Regis! My name is Grant Robbins, and I am the Student Body President at Regis University. However, I am simply a Regis student just as you soon will be. A few years ago, I was just like many of you. I did not know what to expect from Regis, or how I would fit in at a Jesuit school. I barely knew my roommate, all my friends from high school were going to different schools, and as the youngest of three children, my mom made it much more difficult to leave home. Three years removed from my first days at Regis, I can proudly say Regis has given me every chance to succeed and made me into the person I am today.

As you prepare to begin a new chapter in your life, Regis is also undergoing some exciting changes. The construction of our newest building, David M. Clarke, S.J. Hall, is almost complete, and St. Peter Claver, S.J. Hall has been given new additions which will open up more space for students. Regis is establishing a Wellness and Recreation Department to further support fitness, athletic and outdoor endeavors of Regis, as well as a Brand Marketing Department, to create consistent messaging and communication  across campus. In addition, Regis welcomes its 24th President, Fr. John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J., to the school this year.

What we find most exciting about this next year, however, is you! The incoming freshman class totals around 550 students, which makes it one of the largest classes in the school’s history. We are excited to have you here! In order to make your transition easier, I leave you with a couple tips that helped, or would have helped, me as I began my journey at Regis.

First: be present. This means participating in Orientation, attending Welcome Week activities, and stepping outside your comfort zone to meet new people. Orientation is designed to give you all the resources to succeed at Regis, Welcome Week activities are meant to bring the student body together as a fun and engaging way to celebrate the beginning of a new school year, and finally, by stepping outside of your comfort zone and diving into the college experience, you will meet life-long friends.

Second:ask questions. As with any new place, there is a lot to be learned. One way to find out the opportunities and benefits Regis has to offer is by asking questions. I encourage you to introduce yourselves to me as I would love to hear your story and questions. Walking a few steps ahead of you in the Regis world, I may also be able to help you with a few things as you adjust to life at Regis, including various ways on how to get involved, information about Regis University Student Government Association (RUSGA – a must-know acronym), the locations of the best places to eat, and which professors’ classes to take (or perhaps, more importantly, not to take), etc. Most of all, I would like to personally welcome you to Regis!

Hopefully this letter as well as the other materials in this mailing will help you as you begin your discernment process. The supplemental items in this packet should give you a taste of what is going on at Regis. You will find a preliminary Orientation schedule, an academic calendar, and information about the Best of Colorado program. Information about technology on campus, RU Connected and Project Cure are also enclosed. Be on the lookout for a special mailing about RUSGA’s newest initiative, We Car, which is an on-campus car-sharing program. Enjoy your summer break, and I will see you in the fall.






Grant Robbins

Student Body President

Regis University Student Government Association


Finals, Finals, Finals! 


Hello Rangers,

Can you believe that it is officially finals week? Man, time sure does fly by when you are having fun! Well hats off to another great year here at Regis and congratulations to all graduating seniors, and good luck on all of your future endeavors, remember, you will forever and always be a Ranger, and that is without a doubt something to be proud of.

With the completion of another school year, it is also the time to officially welcome the 2012-2013 RUSGA Executive Cabinet, their induction ceremony was Sunday, April 29th, and they are already hard at work.  Below is the list of the newly inducted RUSGA:

President: Grant Robbins

Vice President: Will Sabin

Chief Justice: Terese Cabanting

Director of Programming: Josh Oakland

Director of Student Involvement: Kyle Farrell

Director of Community Involvement: Jessica Baca

Director of Health Awareness: Patrick Ross

Director of Spirituality and Social Justice: Maggie O’Connor

Director of Sustainability: Caroline Locke

Director of Marketing and Media Services: Daniel Ott

Director of Multicultural Affairs: Nicki Schifano

Director of Campus Relations: Dexter Schiller

All Current and Future RUSGA Officials and Directors will be all around campus and at the Finals Breakfast, Tuesday at 9, and will be serving coffee in the library every night this week!

Study Hard Rangers, and enjoy your summer! 


The Last Hoo-Rah! 

Hello Rangers,

Log on to your emails and vote for the Student Body Awards!  This is your chance to have your voice heard on who you want to have recognized for their efforts this year.

It’s official, there are only 15 days left in the semester and for most of us, we are ready for summer. However, even though the days are limited, it’s not over yet! There is one big thing we all need to do, and it’s not exactly finals, its RANGER WEEK! That’s right, it’s Ranger Week, and time for one last big hoo-rah! Come on out to all the events, and celebrate with your friends the success of another great year at the Reeg!

Prepare yourself for some new and routine Ranger Week events:  

Monday 4pm, Powder Puff Football and BBQ on the Quad

Tuesday 4pm, Discombobulation Scavenger Hunt, Starts on the Quad

Wednesday 9pm, Jim Wand, the Hypnotist, Field House

Thursday, 9 pm, Dance Off, Main Café

Friday, 8 pm, Mr. Regis and Fireworks, in the Fieldhouse

Saturday, 11am, RANGER DAY “Las Vegas,” on the Quad

On top of RANGER WEEK, next year’s elected officials President-Elect Grant Robbins, Vice President-Elect Will Sabin, and Chief Justice-Elect Terese Cabanting will be introducing their cabinet decisions in preparation for inauguration on April 24th at Senate on Monday 4/16 at 6:45 in the Faculty Lounge.

Have a good Ranger Week Regis!

I am RUSGA. You are RUSGA. We are RUSGA.




Happy Easter!

Welcome back and happy Easter!


We have a great next few weeks coming up, and we have precious few weeks left in the semester. Can I hear a hallelujah? 14 days of class left and then comes summer! Here are a few updates coming up:

Ranger Week… Everybodies favorite time of the semester. We are having a blast this Ranger Week with Powder Puff Football, a scavenger hunt, The Hypnotist, a dance off, and Mr. Regis competition before the major thrill of the week, Ranger Day. We are having a Vegas themed Ranger Day this year, so all you high rollers break out the cards and the dice. We goin’ to Vegas baby!

 So, study hard, prepare for finals, and have a blast.


I am RUSGA. You are RUSGA. We are RUSGA!