Upcoming Events


Monday 4pm, Powder Puff Football and BBQ on the Quad

Tuesday 4pm, Discombobulation Scavenger Hunt, Starts on the Quad

Wednesday 9pm, Jim Wand, the Hypnotist, Field House

Thursday 9 pm, Dance Off, Main Café

Friday 8 pm, Mr. Regis and Fireworks, in the Fieldhouse

Saturday 11am, RANGER DAY “Las Vegas,” on the Quad

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Every week Dave Law emails the Regis University Undergraduate Student Body Population with important events, updates, and Chuck Norris jokes.  But what happens when you accidentally lose that email?

Don’t worry…RUSGA’s got you covered.


Wednesday, 18, 2012

Dear Rangers,

Free Mammoth Lacrosse Tickets.  The Office of Student Activities has
purchased 10 tickets to this Friday’s Mammoth Lacrosse game -in
support of our Women’s Varsity Lacrosse program and Men’s Club
Lacrosse program.

As you know its Ranger Week.  Here’s a brief update on what’s
happening for the next couple of days:

Meet the New University President!
Father Fitzgibbons will be speaking tonight at Fellowship of
Christian Athletes and that all are welcome to come and hear him! It
is tonight at 8 PM in the Newland Center conference room of the Field
House.  (Right inside the front door by the main entrance.)

Hypnotist Jim Wand, 9pm, Field House
A Ranger Week Tradition that’s so popular we’ve moved it to the Field
House again this year.  People do some crazy things under hypnosis…

4th Annual Regis Dance Off!  9pm, Main Café, Student Center
Hoot, holler and cheer your friends to Dance Off fame and fortune.

12th Annual Mr. Regis Competition.  8pm, Field House
(If you liked Ice Queen, you’ll love you some Mr. Regis.)  Followed
by the 2nd Annual Fireworks display.

Ranger Day is on the quad this year from 11am to 4pm.  Games, music,
food, great fun.  If you’re 21 there’s a beer garden.  $5.00 get’s
you 5 beers and there is a 5 beer limit for the event.

In His Service and Yours,
Dave Law
Director of Student Activities


Wednesday, April 4th

Happy Wednesday Rangers,


March Madness is over baby! Your Men’s NCAA Bracket Challenge Winners
John Bradley- 1st Place
Meghan Moroze - 2nd Place
Caitlin Lardner - 3rd Place
(You all can come by the Office of Student Activities next week to
claim your prize.)

Check out the New Career Services Video “How to Dress for an
Interview” (Once again Brent Vogel gets hammered again by the women
of Career Services.)

Judicial Board Applications are available in the Office of Student
Activities.  Your new Chief Justice, Terese Cabanting, is looking for
Associate Justices and Student Advocates.  It’s a great opportunity
to get involved, get some leadership experience and pad that resume.

Sign Ups for Dance Off and Powder Puff have started. For more
information about them check out www.facebook/RUConnected.regis .
There are significant changes to Powder Puff this year - including an
all-participant meeting, strict roster limitations, some friendly
local Denver Police Officers and the like. (The result of some
alcohol-related injuries from past years.)

Events and things to do around campus:
Hope you got the chance to check out the 1st Annual Regis People?s
Fair this afternoon.  It took place in front of the Student Center
and was sponsored by RUSGA senators.

Survivors of Suicide Day, 7-9pm in the Science Amp.
It will be part of Step It Up and it will be a video about people
coping with losing a loved one to suicide.  It would be a good
opportunity to learn to grieve/cope with the loss of a loved one to
suicide and get a chance to remember/honor him or her.

Since it’s Holy Week there is no Thrills, no Friday movie, or weekend
programming.  I hope that you’ll have time to spend some time with
your family, friends, friends family, etc. this weekend.

Holy Week Mass Schedule
8:00pm Thursday - Mass of the Lords Supper
3:00pm Friday - The Lords Passion
8:00pm Saturday - Easter Vigil
11:00am Sunday - Easter Mass

Earth Week starts next Monday.

11;30am to 1:30pm Fitness Center energy generating bike will on
display in the Main Café.  Many thanks to David Van Der Viern and
Student Senate.

Bike Ride / RTD Bus Ride to Little Man Ice Cream.  Meet at the
Student Center Patio at 4:30pm - you should get back to campus after
the dinner hour.  Free Little Man Ice Cream for the first 40 people.
Sign Up in the Office of Student Activities.  Brought to you by RUSGA
Sustainability Committee.

6pm to 8pm, Rock and Roll Bingo at Walkers Pub.  Join KRCX for a hot
new musical version of Bingo (which has its own cult following here
at Regis)!  Be the first to get five in a row and you could win a
KRCX T-Shirt or up to $200 worth of other prizes!

“Faster than a speeding bullet … more powerful than a locomotive
.. able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… yes, these are
some of Chuck Norris’s warm-up exercises.”

Happy Easter.

In His Service and Yours,

Dave Law
Director of Student Activities


Monday, March 19, 2011

The Manning Watch is over Rangers

And now it’s time to focus on what’s happening here on campus…

Get Your Ramblers Tickets!
Regis Ramblers Musical Theater Production!  Dueling Doo-wops
The production is next week in the Main Café and the cast is working
tirelessly to bring you a fantastic musical theater experience!
Tickets on sale NOW!  Pick yours up at the Office of Student
Activities!  Check out the video at:

Tunnel of Oppression in the Faculty Lounge RIGHT NOW!
Mi Gente, ASA, BSA and GSA are gathering information about specific
issues related to their backgrounds. In addition to the issues, this
year we will have the HOPE as part of the tunnel, in which we will
display various organizations that are working towards the
improvement of such disparities and what students can do to help.
Walk through the Tunnel between 10am - 1:30pm and 5pm - 7pm.

Performance by Romero Troupe - 7:30pm in the Pub
Romero Troupe, founded by Regis Professor Jim Walsh, will perform
justice themed scenes and facilitate a dialogue afterwards!  Brought
to you by Justice Week.

New Orleans’ Brass Band Performance -12pm ?1pm on the Quad
Sponsored by Regis’ Service Program in New Orleans, LA

St Baldrick’s!  Walkers Pub at 7pm!
Help kids with cancer! The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a
volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising
research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long
and healthy lives. On Wednesday, many of your fellow students will be
shaving their heads, a sign of solidarity with children all across
the world. We need your help! Each “shavee” is taking donations -
that’s where you come in. Last year Regis was able to contribute over
$4,000 to the cause. We want to break that record!

Info on Bon Appetite’s Justice Initiatives - 10am-1pm in the Student

Justice Bingo: 6pm-7pm in the Pub.  Sponsored by J-Board, test your
knowledge on Regis’ justice system for sweet prizes.

Thursday Thrills: Raj Patel - 10pm in the Main Dining Hall
World-famous economist and author of “The Value of Nothing”, Raj will
be speaking on envisioning a just world.
Brought to you by RUSGA PAC and Social Justice Week

Make Your Voice Heard! 11:30am in the Faculty Lounge
Regis grad, Gus Maxwell, teaches how to participate in the political
process through letter writing and advocacy, lunch provided.

Free Friday Movie:
100 tickets to The Hunger Games.  Find out more at RUConnected (for
time and location).

Saturday, March 24th
Softball vs. N.M. Highlands 12:00pm and 2:00pm
“Build your Bank” game, $150! Details at:
(Okay - so the softball field is back behind Lot #7)

The Term D.O.A is used whenever Chuck Norris Shows up.

Have a great week!

In His Service and Yours,

Dave Law
Director of Student Activities


Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Ranger

Well the Manning Watch continues into its fourth day.  As
entertaining as that is, there’s also a bunch of other things going
on right here on campus.

Announcements and such:

Are you ready to be the Mayor of Bracketville?  The Oracle of
Bracketology?  The DUKE of Hoopnation??  March Madness is indeed upon
us and you can win great prizes and bragging rights campus-wide.  If
you are interested in filling out a March Madness bracket for a
chance at Regis Glory go to http://ru.mayhem.cbssports.com/e and
create a CBS sports account.  It takes 2 minutes to get set up.  The
password for the RU March Madness Extravaganza is: Rangers. Then fill
out your bracket and submit it (you are limited to one bracket, so
make it count!!). After that, sit back, relax and pray that your
National Champion isn’t knocked out in the first round.  Prizes will
be awarded!!!!

Today is just like summer!  Good thing to, as Summer School
Registration begins March 19th in the Office of Summer Session
(LOY-12).  Students are required to have approval from their advisor
in order to register for Summer courses. Advisor approval can be
obtained via email; a copy of the email must be submitted with the
registration form. Additional information (including the Summer
Catalog and registration form) is available at www.regis.edu/summer.

Fall concert?
We’re looking for some feedback on an artist for a possible Fall
Concert.  The guys name is Ben Rector and you can check out his music
at: http://www.myspace.com/benrector.  The single “When A Heart
Breaks” is particularly noteworthy.  Concerts are tough at Regis
because we don’t have a ton of money to invest in one - so we end up
looking for up and coming artists before they “get found”.  Ben might
be one of those guys.  Let me know what you think.  (E-mail me with
your yea or ney.)


Tuesday, March 13th
2pm.  Baseball vs. CSU-Pueblo, Baseball Diamond.

8pm “What You Do Online Can (and probably will) Come Back to Haunt
You”.  C.L. Lindsay gives you the social media know how to keep your
online life online.  Know your rights and know how to protect
yourself when you log on.  Win a iPod docking station! Mountain View

Wednesday, March 14th

3:14pm. International Pi Day. Walkers Pub.  Join the math department
and break some pie with them.  Then join them (or watch the
freakishness) for a “Recite Pi from memory contest” followed by a
special Pi Day “Geeks Who Drink” contest and win fabulous prizes.

5:00pm to 6:00pm.  Meet the Industry Night: American Family
Loyola 11.  Sit and talk with representatives of a company that has
been around since 1927, sells multiple products in 19 states and has
$5.4 billion dollars in policy holder equity. (Okay - all I can do is
hear their jingle in my head for the rest of the afternoon.)

8pm.  OAP Film Series brings you DEFY! By the Danny Harf project.
X-Treme Wakeboarding.  Walkers Pub.

Thursday, March 15th
Thrills this week is Think Fast! It’s an incredibly fast paced game
show that tests your pop culture knowledge (music, movies and more).
It’s not just the contestants that win prize money - it’s also
audience members!  Brought to you by PAC.

Friday, March 16th 4pm to 7pm.
Kermes Celebration on The Quad
Come celebrate the Hispanic music festival Kermes. We will be having
a mariachi band as well as a DJ who will be playing a variety of
Hispanic music. Also we will be having food, raffles and games.

Sunday, March 18th 1pm.  Match Pitch
Women’s Lacrosse is at home this weekend vs. Lindenwood. It is a
“Build your Bank” game, so show up, have your name called, win $100 -
just for being a Raucous Ranger!

Next Week:
Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm.  Chapel.
Sonia Nazario, journalist and author of Enrique?s Journey!
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Sonia Nazario will give the Women?s
History Month keynote address on “Women, Children, and Immigration”.
Ms. Nazario’s book Enrique’s Journey explores how families are
separated by immigration today. To research her book, Ms Nazario
traced the true journey of the young Honduran immigrant Enrique, as
he made the dangerous and illegal passage from Honduras to the United
States.  Enrique?s journey represents the trip thousands of immigrant
children make every year in search of their families who have left to
provide a better future.

And of course, the reason you scrolled all the way through this?
“Chuck Norris once climbed Mt. Everest in 15 minutes, 14 of which he
was building a snowman at the bottom.”

Take care of yourselves and each other this week.

In His Service and Yours,
Dave Law
Director of Student Activities


Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Happy Mid-terms Rangers,

RUSGA (Student Government) Elections are being held right now.  Vote
on-line between now and Thursday night at 11:59pm.

Here’s the list of things we have to keep you sane during mid-terms:
Tuesday (Tonight)
Come to the Outrageous OutRegis! Improv show
Un-scripted, unproduced and improvisational performed by your own
Regis improv club this TONIGHT at 7pm in the Walker’s Pub!!! It
should be a lot of fun watching some of your fellow students act
foolishly. Come laugh at their misfortune!  If you don’t,
intergalactic hamsters will come and nibble all of your hair off
while you sleep!! (I’m not saying this is what happened to me,

Soul Food Night
BSA’s Soul Food Night is tonight! It starts at 6:30pm and will be
held in the Faculty Lounge, which is right next to the cafeteria in
the Student Center. We hope to see you there!

Highlander Release Party
The Highlander is back!
Come celebrate the re-release of Regis University’s award-winning
Highlander newspaper on Wednesday, Feb. 29 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in
Walker’s Pub!
Meet the staff, hang out with friends, enjoy free food and beverages,
and pick up your first copy of the publication, which will not be
released to newsstands until after the event. Be there!

Devoutcast at the Hard Rock Cafe
Anthony Zarlengo (Tony Z)’s band, Devoutcast, will be playing the
Hard Rock Cafe on 16th Street in downtown Denver at 8pm. It is FREE
and ALL AGES. This is round 2 of the worldwide Hard Rock Rising
competition, where bands from all over the world are competing for
the ultimate prize of playing the Hard Rock Rising Festival in Hyde
Park, London.

Thrills is Swing Dancing!!  10pm.  I’m thinking it’s in Walkers pub
(since there’s already a hardwood floor in there.)

Friday Movie
You’re on your own for a movie on Friday - see one with your friends,
see one on a flight home, pick one up at Red Box… You get the

Men’s Rugby vs. DU.  1pm kick off on the West Field.

“Not even cockroaches will survive a Chuck Norris attack.”

Good luck with the rest of mid-terms.  Have a great spring break!

In His Service and Yours,
Dave Law
Director of Student Activities