Upcoming Events


Monday 4pm, Powder Puff Football and BBQ on the Quad

Tuesday 4pm, Discombobulation Scavenger Hunt, Starts on the Quad

Wednesday 9pm, Jim Wand, the Hypnotist, Field House

Thursday 9 pm, Dance Off, Main Café

Friday 8 pm, Mr. Regis and Fireworks, in the Fieldhouse

Saturday 11am, RANGER DAY “Las Vegas,” on the Quad

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RU Connected?

Only Regis College or Rueckert-Hartman College undergraduate students who pay a Student Activities fee are eligible to receive a packet of ten RTD bus passes.

Services Provided:

As a Regis student, you now have the privilege of using the RTD bus and Light Rail system, free of charge with your new bus pass. This is a great way to get around Denver and the surrounding areas. This service is included in your Student Activities Fee for Regis University undergraduate students.

How to get your bus pass:

Office of student activities (2nd floor of the student center) and fill out a short form.  For an express pass there is a slightly longer form that needs to filled out.  Then students are required to walk over to the Cashier's Office to recieve your packet. 

The Pass Includes:

• All local routes (Numbered Routes)
• Discounted: Light Rail services in Denver, Skyride service and routes to Boulder and neighboring suburbs. 

How to Use the Pass

1. Get connected with RTD information.
Use RTD Kiosk next to student lounge in the student center.  Access bus route information via the internet (www.rtd-denver.com) or call 303.299.6000

2. Plan Your Trip
Use our handy map lower in the page to plan your route. Or, the RTD Website Trip Planner can create an itinerary for your destination. Lastly, visit the Office of Student Activities or the Library for a schedule.

3. Find Your Bus Stop
All bus stops have a red and white sign that marks where you can catch the bus. The sign lists each bus route that stops at that location, so make sure your route number is on the sign.

4. Board on Bus

5. Get off at Your Stop
Stay alert during your ride so that you know when your bus stop is approaching. Let the driver know that you want to get off the bus one block before your stop. If the bus has two doors, exit through the rear door.

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Click on ‘Get Directions’
To get directions to Regis, click ‘To here’
To get directions from Regis, click ‘From here’
Type the address in the appropriate field: A or B.
Select your mode of transportation to ‘By Public Transit’
Click ‘Get Directions’
A list of possible routes is provided.
Be sure to plan your route home!

Benefits of Public Transportation

1. Cost
Compared with rising gas prices, parking, automobile maintenance, and insurance charges, public transit is very affordable.

2. Convenience
Public transit functions on a schedule, making planning your trip easy. Also, you can read or study while riding.

3. Environment
The public transportation system is the ultimate carpool, cutting down on harmful emissions.