Upcoming Events


Monday 4pm, Powder Puff Football and BBQ on the Quad

Tuesday 4pm, Discombobulation Scavenger Hunt, Starts on the Quad

Wednesday 9pm, Jim Wand, the Hypnotist, Field House

Thursday 9 pm, Dance Off, Main Café

Friday 8 pm, Mr. Regis and Fireworks, in the Fieldhouse

Saturday 11am, RANGER DAY “Las Vegas,” on the Quad

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RU Connected?

The Pledge is taken by the incoming Freshmen that chose to take the Pledge.  The goal of the Pledge is to remind students to be mindful during their four years at Regis.  In addition, the Freshmen Pledge is reaffirmed at Graduation, when the seniors take a similar pledge that they promise to live by the Jesuit values in their lives after graduation and Regis.  For those interested in taking the Pledge or discussing the Pledge, please contact Molly Moss at rusgasjs@regis.edu.

I pledge that during my years at Regis University I will explore and be mindful of the social, economic and environmental consequences of my behavior and that of my institution. I will incorporate into my daily life social justice, economic integrity and environmental stewardship with the intention of promoting a sustainable and just society both in my community and the wider world.